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ProductThe Nova Track Control System is simple to install and operate. It consists of the items shown above (controller, receiver, and encoder mounted on each car) and a transmitter loop control system (generally one per track). Wire loops installed around the track are activated by a transmitter. As the transmitter signal is received by the receiver, the car is switched from run speed to the desired pit speed preset by the track operator. The receiver then sends a signal to the controller to modify the speed of the engine if necessary. Cars are automatically slowed to pit speed when coming into the pit, or at any time desired by the operator to handle an emergency situation. The Nova Track Control System can be added to your existing Go Karts or ordered already installed on new karts.
  • Can be used on standard Honda 5.5hp, 8hp or 9hp engines.
  • Powered by the engine's standard lighting coil.
  • Full engine power is not affected - performance is enhanced, rather than degraded.
  • Greater fuel efficiency for lower environmental impact.
  • Pickup loop design does not require FCC approval to use.
  • If driver applies brake and accelerator at the same time, the controller shuts the engine down to idle, resulting in reduced wear on clutch, brakes, and transmission.

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